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I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was to have these guys enter my life last year. I tried to go the cheap route and get someone off of craigslist to come and install a sprinkler system in my yard.
Little did I know that it's not just a simple little snap together project. The guy I hired sent his two young children to put in the system. Not only did they not fill or pack the dirt properly over all of the lines the cut, but after they put the whole system together and left the job never to be heard from again, we started having little water pools and mini bubble spots all over the yard. The whole thing fell apart under pressure beneath the dirt!
This is where G & G came in and saved the day. For a very reasonable rate, they came in, dug up all of the kids work which I paid for already, and had to refasten the entire line in many spots. I now have a beautiful yard and system.
I also have recently had a very large pine tree die in my back yard and they came right in to save the day and cut it down and haul it off. Thank German, I appreciate all the hard work from your team. See you at the end of the year for system blow out!


Josh Ginsberg

Details Plus Auto Salon



German is hard working, his quality is excellent, he shows up when he says he will, his prices are at or below the market, and of greatest importance - you can trust his word.


Steve Bosley


"I hired them for installing sprinkler system in my garden and they installed it perfectly at proper position and distance."

Their professionals are really hardworking and committed towards their work. Thanks G & G Sprinkler Systems.




"They helped me when I was in a big dilemma"

I had to decide whether I should go for sprinkler repair or replacement. They corrected all the damaged sprinklers installed in Golf coast and saved my money. Their prices are genuine and service is quite satisfactory.



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